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AirBolt + iBASIS

Delivering reliable connectivity globally for the world's smallest GPS, LTE-M, and NB-IoT tracker.

AirBolt® is the innovative creator of the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled smart travel lock and next-generation GPS, LTE-M, and NB-IoT tracker. Designed to reduce those panic moments where you can’t find your keys, or your laptop, or even your pet, AirBolt® GPS packs a lot of punch into the world’s smallest GPS, LTE-M, and NB-IoT tracker. It’s a lightweight, waterproof tracker with industry-leading battery life (up to one year of active tracking on a single charge). Simply clip it to your pet or throw it in a bag to track anything from expensive electronics to your two, or four-legged loved ones.

The company is on track to become the market leader in remote access management and asset tracking creating a world that is free of keys, swipe cards, cumbersome lock combinations, and lost valuables. It’s a company that is known for quality products, including its previous success in the travel industry with AirBolt®: The Truly Smart Travel Lock, and the AirBolt® Card. To date, AirBolt® has run two successful crowdfunding campaigns, the most recent of which, for AirBolt® GPS, met its funding goal in seven hours. Its previous effort, for the AirBolt® Smart Lock, raised more than $280,000 AUD and delighted backers with the quality of the product and its on-time delivery.

To ensure a seamless connectivity experience for AirBolt® GPS customers, AirBolt® sought a global partner to deliver reliable connectivity globally. They require a best-in-class cellular provider to match the quality of their products, delivering the necessary coverage and critical infrastructure.

AirBolt® selected iBASIS to provide its GPS, LTE-M, and NB-IoT solution, serving as the backbone to the AirBolt® GPS devices. To go beyond standard Bluetooth tracking, AirBolt® GPS needed a rock-solid solution to the complexities of global connectivity. And it found just what it was looking for in iBASIS.


  • AirBolt® can now provide coverage across multiple countries using one point of contact rather than many different cellular providers
  • Strong market differentiated benefits including competitive pricing, ability to scale, API first methodology, and seamless switching between networks,
  • Enhanced customer service management through the iBASIS web management portal enabling AirBolt® to manage their eSIMs and monitor data usage for effective future scaling and eSIM management tied back to its backend systems.

“iBASIS has been the go-to partner to make the AirBolt® GPS one of the best tracking solutions globally. We needed a one-stop shop for our cellular requirements, and had to look no further than iBASIS.”

Kabir S. Sidhu
Founder, AirBolt


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