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Eseye + iBASIS

Enhanced global IoT connectivity to advance smart devices, smart cities and more.

iBASIS was selected by Eseye, the UK-based industrial IoT connectivity specialist, to expand its global cellular connectivity. Eseye leverages iBASIS’ global private secure network and regional gateways to enable its business customers to access device data.

iBASIS’ reach helps to support Eseye’s core promise to customers to deliver dynamic, intelligent network switching to provide near 100% connected device uptime — globally.

In the smart vending segment, for example, this translates to a high-performance IoT experience for Eseye customers like Venpay, a European provider empowering smart vending capabilities through a SIM to facilitate telemetry and payment services to vending operators all over Europe, all seamlessly delivered via world-class connectivity.

A key partner for Eseye, iBASIS provides this same global advantage to address all of the company’s core verticals, spanning multinational enterprises, cross-border fleet and logistics, cold-chain logistics, smart appliances that utilize telemetry data, consumer, health, home care, and home monitoring products, to smart cities and sustainable energy. iBASIS’ leading IoT connectivity drives the performance of critical devices across this spectrum of use cases, when and where it is needed.


  • iBASIS’s Global Access for Things™ service immediately extended Eseye’s options for device connectivity to 700+ mobile networks, added LTE and CAT-M1 and reinforced Eseye’s cellular coverage in more than 190 countries.
  • Eseye benefits from newer technologies, a better cost base, and the ability to resolve connectivity issues more efficiently.
  • Supporting customers like Venpay, Eseye is able to ensure greater connectivity reliability in key locations.
  • Eseye customers are thriving, for example the leading healthcare device manufacturer who reduced connectivity costs by over 25% or the new IoT device in transportation that reduced time to market by 75%.

“We were looking for a partner that clearly understood our value in the value chain and what we bring to customers and we saw that as a key differentiator between iBASIS and other competitive partners.

Working with iBASIS not only enables us to provide our customers with more coverage, newer technologies, and more destinations at a better cost base, but, by leveraging the iBASIS IPX platform, it also allows us to successfully resolve network and connectivity issues faster and more efficiently for our customers.”

Nick Earle
Chairman and CEO, Eseye