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McLloyd + iBASIS

iBASIS eSIM technology enables network performance for the most advanced and precise sports tracking technology systems on the market.

McLloyd, a key player in high performance sport technology, sought iBASIS eSIM technology to achieve unparalleled real-time monitoring in their HPv2 trackers, which are designed for real-time global broadcasting of horse races. The McLloyd trackers are used in horse saddle blankets to enable measurement of a racer’s individual performance and monitor their evolution and position during races.

McLloyd’s HP trackers rely on its proprietary system including GPS RTK (Real Time Kinematic) and Ultra Wide Band. Introducing a patented technology breakthrough with very high precision, it reaches impressive tracking capabilities: position guaranteed in 25cm against 1.5m on average for GPS sport trackers. This enriches the TV broadcast experience with a real-time horse ranking banner during the race and the live communication of sectional timing and arrival ranking.

iBASIS eSIM has been selected by McLloyd for the unsurpassed reliability and market performance required to enable real-time monitoring of these tracking devices.


  • Demonstration of the high quality and reliability of iBASIS eSIM technology for IoT applications to support the burgeoning global sport tracking market — forecasted to increase from $2.1 million in 2018 to $7.3 million in 2023.
  • During the last worldwide race, the prestigious Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe on October 6th, horses were all connected and tracked with McLloyd using iBASIS eSIM technology.
  • BASIS eSIM technology enables intelligent automatic selection of mobile networks for the best quality of data transport and media broadcasting to support the tracking devices.
  • The iBASIS eSIM service is provided across 700 networks globally.

“Thanks to sport tracking, fans now have immediate access to data and have a unique experience. In addition to immersive video technology and slow motion, encrypting the data in real-time enhances the immersion of the fan in the event. McLloyd is uniquely positioned for real-time 3D, Virtual Reality and augmented reality production with extremely high data accuracy to less than half an inch that is essential in the horse race environment.”

Pierre Arnaud Coquelin
CEO & Founder, McLloyd