DIMOCO Messaging is now iBASIS

Today marks a key milestone in iBASIS’s messaging growth journey.

At the turn of 2023, our parent company Tofane Global announced the acquisition of DIMOCO Messaging, a leading global SMS aggregator based in Liechtenstein and Austria that delivers two billion messages per year.

iBASIS is thrilled to announce that after many months of hard work and integration, Tofane Global has decided to consolidate its messaging businesses under the iBASIS brand.

From the onset, our vision was clear. The fusion of DIMOCO Messaging with iBASIS was not just a merger of two entities but a blend of diverse cultures, ambitions, and aspirations. Coming together would offer all involved a dynamic, multicultural environment, positioning us as the foremost Tier One partner in the voice and mobile services sector.

The first 100 days embracing and integrating DIMOCO Messaging into the iBASIS family was a successful start, but the past nine months have been transformative. Together, we’ve merged the strengths of two formidable teams, navigated challenges, and witnessed impressive growth. The dedication and prowess exhibited by our teams during this transition has surpassed expectations, and we are excited about the future growth of iBASIS and the opportunities available for our customers.

For further details on our iBASIS wholesale messaging solutions, please visit SOLUTIONS | iBASIS, and for the enterprise messaging community, please visit iBASIS BUSINESS MESSAGING.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info.messaging@ibasis.net.


*This partner notice only applies to accounts with DIMOCO Messaging GmbH and DIMOCO Messaging AG. It has no impact on any account with another iBASIS entity.

*Effective from 15 September, the DIMOCO Messaging entities in Liechtenstein and Austria have officially been rebranded:

· In Austria:
“DIMOCO Messaging GmbH” now operates under the new name “iBASIS Austria GmbH

· In Liechtenstein:
“DIMOCO Messaging AG” now operates under the new name “iBASIS Communications AG

With immediate effect, please use the following “New” email addresses:

Technical Support 24/7
Standard Inquiries
For Clients:
Receiving Price Updates from iBASIS
Receiving Invoices from iBASIS
Inquiries Regarding Invoices from iBASIS
For Suppliers:
Submitting Price Updates to iBASIS
Submitting Invoices to iBASIS

Payments should continue to be made to the same bank account. However, please ensure Beneficiary names are updated accordingly to either iBASIS Austria GmbH or iBASIS Communications AG.

All other company details (registered address, company register number, and VAT number) remain unchanged.

We kindly ask you to update your records accordingly to ensure a seamless flow of correspondence. In the event of us receiving any commercial documentation issued to former DIMOCO Messaging entity names, we will return with a request to send correspondence to the new company names.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info.messaging@ibasis.net.

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