How to Securely Terminate SMS in Singapore: A Playbook

Update – 31 July 2023: The IMDA in Singapore just confirmed it will extend the current approach of converting non-registered Sender-IDs to “Likely-SCAM” and won’t block SMS on August 1st as earlier planned.

After 31 July 2023, all unregistered SMS will be completely blocked into Singapore.

SMS Sender ID Registration (SSIR) was made mandatory on 31 January 2023 for all organizations that use, and aggregators that handle, SMS with alphanumeric Sender IDs for A2P SMS traffic into Singapore.

The six-month transition period, during which all non-registered SMS have been labeled as “Likely-SCAM”, is ending soon so you must complete your registration by 31 July 2023.

iBASIS, as one of Singapore’s first SSIR-authorized participating aggregators, has created this playbook to help you better understand the full SSIR regime and provide top tips and links to help you register.

After you’ve registered, iBASIS can help terminate your SMS traffic into the country. Contact for any questions or advice.

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