iBASIS VoLTE and 5G Roaming Roundtable at WAS #16

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From the current state of roaming recovery to 5G roaming trials, to experiences and perspectives for mobile operators, our panel explored why VoLTE and 5G Roaming are more critical than ever.

Held at WAS #16 on September 19, 2022, we were joined at the iBASIS VoLTE & 5G Roundtable by experts from Kaleido IntelligenceT-Mobile US, and e& Group. We wish to thank them for sharing their experiences and perspectives on the 2022 outlook for 5G and VoLTE roaming.

Topics discussed:

  • The state of roaming recovery
  • 5G Roaming trials
  • VoLTE Roaming
  • Experiences & Perspectives for mobile operators
  • Challenges and lessons learned

Please feel free to join the VoLTE & 5G Roaming LinkedIn Group to continue the conversation or reach out to us directly with any questions.


Steffen Sorrell

Chief of Research, Kaleido Intelligence

Maïssa Jamli

Senior Product Manager,
5G & Innovation, iBASIS


Jon King

Chief Commercial Officer, Kaleido Intelligence

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