iBASIS VoLTE and 5G Roaming Roundtable at WAS #17

5G has the potential to disrupt legacy businesses and create new markets and a plethora of new applications in a hyper-connected era. This edition of the iBASIS VoLTE and 5G Roaming Roundtable explores the accomplishments, challenges, and learnings being experienced in our industry as we undergo this exciting transition.

Held at WAS #17 on March 13, 2023, we were joined by experts from Telus and mobile operators for an interactive, fast-paced breakfast session with industry leaders. Attendees gained new market insights and shared the latest deployment and interoperability updates.

Topics discussed included:

  • Market updates on rollouts, standards, and more
  • 5G Roaming use cases: challenges and impact on operations
  • 5G Roaming roadmap
  • VoLTE Roaming: lessons learned
The roundtable is always evolving and seeking to broaden and enrich its scope of discussion to cover the topics that are on the top of your priorities list.
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