InVision: Enhanced Functionality, Troubleshooting and Security

iBASIS updated InVision with a series of upgrades designed to enable you to gain full advantage of our world-class insights platform.

Those include:

  • a refreshed, intuitive new Graphical User Interface
  • a single user interface across multiple protocols
  • the introduction of Advanced Packet Decode troubleshooting capabilities

InVision Diameter Signaling tools use the latest technology to handle massive and complex volumes of data. The improved visual experience now aligns the SS7 and GRX/S8 tools. It powers you with a streamlined user interface and easier navigation through the portal and across data analytics.

The InVision upgrade also set the stage for our upcoming 5G analytics developments.

Additionally, we upgraded security levels to the latest standards to ensure data safety and protect against unwanted data leakages.

At any subscriber level, you can now troubleshoot from a worldwide quality view to a packet decode session, within a few seconds. You gain the same detailed granularity from troubleshooting at IMSI level or when an IREG test is performed, as you would from our support team.

Experience the InVision upgrades by visiting your portal. Should you require assistance or wish to schedule a training session, please contact us at

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