InVision Tip #1 – Fast & Easy Troubleshooting: Multi-Protocol Investigation

By switching immediately between protocols from anywhere, you can quickly investigate without having to log in again for each protocol individually. When switching between protocols, the InVision™ tool also automatically saves the country and network you started to research.

Here is a working example of the tool’s functionality:

  1. You want to investigate Diameter service quality between all your roaming partner networks in the UK. After logging into InVision, choose the MNO tab, select Diameter under Protocol, and United Kingdom under Country.
  1. Now you want to compare and observe the quality of SS7 traffic. Simply select the SS7 protocol from the Protocol drop down menu. You don’t need to login again when switching protocols.
  1. The tool will now generate and display the quality parameters for SS7 as illustrated below:
  1. Follow the same steps to switch between the GRX GTP-C and GRX GTP-U protocols.

  2. The same behavior is also in the Cause Tab; the tool will maintain and save the network you investigate when you switch between protocols. This will be reviewed in one of our next tips, but give it a try before then!

InVision makes advanced troubleshooting easy. Read our other InVision Tips or reach out to with any questions or to discuss.