Keep Climbing and Stay on Top of the Roaming Ridges

By Chris Lennartz, VP Mobile Product Management

When your market is in a tough place, like the roaming market has been over the last 21 months due to COVID-19, you can do one of two things: either flex down with the market and hope to survive, or prepare during the relative silence to come out of the crisis stronger.

At iBASIS, we have chosen the latter. After ‘cracking the LTE code’ to become a Top 3 IPX player by focusing on having the best IPX for the surge in LTE traffic, we took advantage of the calm before the storm during COVID to prepare for a changed roaming landscape. We seized the opportunity to reshape and diversify our offerings, so our customers can now benefit from a full-service solutions portfolio going into a market dominated by changes due to 5G, IoT, security regulation, and roaming traffic resurgence.

This approach led to the “Innovation Palette”, sometimes referred to as the “Circle of Life,” (below).


It is a core offering consisting of IPX signaling and data connectivity, completed by our own or third party solution offerings, that focuses on either growing revenues or saving costs for the mobile operator.

The “paint your own picture” approach is resonating with the market. Over the last two months we have achieved multiple #1 rankings from various market intelligence companies that either analyzed the portfolios of the many IPXs in this industry or had MNOs vote on it.

In September, we were awarded Tier 1 status by ROCCO, “the Michelin of the roaming industry”, for the 5th year in a row. We also achieved the #1 ranking in both the General Ranking category and the Best Known IPX category.

In October, we ranked as a Kaleido Champion in the Kaleido Intelligence’s Vendor Hub analysis for IPX, Fraud Management & Security, and Roaming Analytics & VAS, and also ranked #1 in IPX.

To top it off, in the most recent October report on Roaming from market intelligence firm Juniper, we were ranked Established Leader in 5G roaming as the only IPX vendor for our Expansive Capacity & Capability, as well as Extensive Breadth, Depth and Range in our Product and Position.

What does this mean for our customers? It basically is the validation that you have made the right choice by partnering with iBASIS. Why? There is a lot of uncertainty and complexity coming our way in roaming, between 5G, IoT, network attacks and security regulations, eSIM, post COVID recovery, effects of roam like home, and more. MNOs need a partner that enables them to be ready for any roaming scenario, thus making roaming the cherry on the cake of the mobile experience for end users and devices alike.

MNOs need a partner that is always one step ahead. iBASIS can help with 5G Roaming testing, how to deal with Security regulations and attacks, how to get more insights from your roaming traffic, and more.

Please contact your regional sales representative. We’re here to help.