Multi-Service IPX: Flexibility is Key

Last month’s Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) in Berlin was attended by many carriers and providers from the Central and Eastern Europe region. There were many very interesting discussions about the global wholesale market, with the revenue pressure and pricing challenges that we all experience and also a lot of promising opportunities worldwide and specifically for the region. These promising voice and messaging opportunities all have something in common: they all request a flexible approach to ensure that the opportunities can be realized quickly and in a secured manner.

Here are a few interesting cases that I came across during this two day event.

Managing Multiple Mobile Termination Rates (MMTRs) continues to be a serious concern for many operators. The challenge for operators on the destination side is that, as a result of MMTRs, end-users are charged different termination rates depending upon where the call originated from. And, the differences between the termination charges can be quite significant! Understanding the complex origin based routing and billing mechanisms is critical for business continuity.  Not all operators have this level of expertise available and risk incurring additional costs or missing additional margin.

The MMTR trend is here to stay, and becoming even more widespread, and iBasis can help to avoid the costly surcharges, without having to invest in your own development to support MMTR routing and rating.  iBasis is investing heavily in voice in 2018 and our enhanced routing platform provides the capability to easily and quickly customize to meet your voice needs.

Strengthening Partnerships has also been at the core of our discussions during the conference. Developing new types of deals, like win-win deals for each partner, requires a new and different approach, commercially, technically and operationally.  Flexibility in our approach is very critical for success.  We work closely with our customers to create customized offerings from our extensive portfolio of Voice, Mobile, Roaming and IoT services that best fit our customers’ needs. Our partnership with Turkcell is an illustration of how we can leverage complementary footprint and develop a flexible business model that meet our partner’s objectives while extending iBasis reach.

And last but not least, iBasis IPX network has been recognized by the industry as the best IPX network. We are honored to receive this award which recognized innovation and achievements among member telecom wholesale operators around the globe and independently judged by a panel of 13 telecoms analysts and experts from the industry. It inspires us to work harder. iBasis is making significant investments in our IPX Network, both commercially and technically, in order to support and strengthen our customers’ business. As your partner, we remain focus on ensuring worldwide interoperability, reliability, and Quality of Service. Visit our network page to learn more about our IPX network.




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