Network Evolution for Voice and Data Service With Cisco Segment Routing

Tomasz Jankowski, Director, Network Engineering, & Interworking Architecture, iBASIS

iBASIS has looked to the future since its inception. One of the first telecoms to utilize VoIP to facilitate global voice connectivity, they have partnered with Cisco to revolutionize the traditional telecom model. As the market has evolved to include a 4,000-fold increase in mobile data traffic in the last 10 years, iBASIS has continued trailblazing. Their successful migration to Cisco’s Segment Routing in its IPX next-generation core network has provided seamless voice and data services to their customers and guaranteed network readiness for emerging technologies.

Segment Routing is a method of forwarding packets on the network based on the source routing paradigm.  Segment Routing provides complete control over the forwarding path by combining simple network instructions with no additional protocol required. In simple terms, the path to forward traffic, regardless of type, is defined on the ingress without the need to allocate in-state capacity for different flows in advance. This simplifies the transport of voice and data communication across the network, creates fluid on-demand use of capacity with a single source, and reduces the cost of both unused allocated capacity and single stream per service capacity purchase across the network. This transformation, enabled by Cisco Segment Routing, allows optimal management of core capacity utilization for iBASIS, and meets our growing MNO demand for bandwidth with a YoY increase of over 100% expected in the summer of 2023. Looking to the future, iBASIS has been testing in its labs an innovation – SRv6 uSID – that could be deployed inside its data centers to provide advanced network programming capabilities while delivering the scale and features needed for 5G and IoT deployments.

"Segment routing traffic engineering powered by Cisco provides the scale, agility, and cost effectiveness that iBASIS requires to exceed customer expectations and remain a leader in our industry."

iBASIS Customers experience the benefits of Segment routing across the iBASIS next generation IPX core network with the realization of accelerated increases in data capacity as their business demands, combined with routing redundancy that secures successful delivery of their traffic during peak periods.  As the market evolves, this advanced technology with centralized path determination that enables a simplified iBASIS network architecture with redundant and scalable routing capabilities positions iBASIS to successfully deliver new 5G and IoT services for our customers.

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