Open Peering – Be There First

By Chris Lennartz, VP Mobile Solutions

Although the IPX is reaching maturity – turning 15 this year after GSMA started specifications in 2004 – it’s still suffering from some growing pains.

In the 2018 ROCCO IPX Vendor Performance report, the highest ranking requirement on IPX from MNOs was ‘peering with other IPX relevant to your needs’. In our view, peering is essential for a mature, successful and efficient global IPX network and community.

Even though making and executing deals between IPX competitors is not a walk in the park, there should never be obstacles for customers to achieve their roaming business goals. The IPX should be a free and open market, where competition dynamics on pricing, qualities and features will benefit operators in the end.

That is why, from the start of its IPX, iBASIS has adopted the Open Peering Policy. We will peer with everyone that wants to be an IPX! We also promise that in the execution of that peering, we will open destinations as quickly as possible, even in the face of challenges such as bulk requests as a result of a special market or network action. In our SLAs we have strict requirements on the maximum amount of time we take for opening new destinations, both peered and direct, to force a smooth end-to-end opening of roaming routes.

Finally, and just as importantly, we have dedicated processes to handle requests in the most efficient way possible, as soon as they come in.

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