Simplification and Control Essential in a Very Complex A2P SMS Landscape

We are very pleased to have received the Best SMS Innovation at the Global Carrier Awards 2019 during Capacity Europe in London. Our end-to-end solution is gaining strong traction since its launch last April. Our multiple discussions at WAS#10 confirmed the need for more secure, better performing networks and your concerns about subscriber protection at stake.  

Our mandate is clear and simple, helping you to fully monetize the booming business of A2P Mobile Messaging worldwide through effective management and minimization of revenue leakages, QoS issues, and exposure to spam, unsolicited content reception, or any new exposures to liability. We know that simplicity is not that easy especially in the complex A2P SMS landscape. That’s why it’s essential to work closely on your traffic patterns and interconnect model evaluation to design and implement the right model to gain full control over your entire incoming SMS traffic.

In order to achieve monetization of traffic, while reducing the negative impacts of fraudulent behavior in an increasingly complex SMS landscape, we need to address the critical challenges: identifying the sender and assigning it liability for the content delivered. It can be extremely long and tedious to be and remain fully prepared for A2P traffic and surrounding stakes like spam, fraud, spoofing, faking, and content. Coordinating your SMS Access can also be challenging plus a Firewall is unable to solve key security issues.

That’s what we do to deliver A2P Managed Firewall/A2P Monetization and Subscribers Protection capabilities through a sophisticated blend of reporting, filtering, and analytics capabilities. iBASIS is invested in driving customer confidence globally, with a top 3 world class ranking in Wholesale Business Assurance, a mission to reduce fraudsters’ business impact through a “zero tolerance” environment, and a team of specialists dedicated to ensuring that the best configurations are constantly in place and continually monitoring SMS traffic in search of fraudulent behavior that will be scrutinized through further investigation.

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