Surviving Summer Roaming Traffic Jams

Better yet, avoid the jams and ensure service continuity by staying up to date on traffic trends and planning in advance for the summer “Black Saturdays” peak roaming traffic in Europe. iBasis has a team that can help.

During the summer, iBasis experienced an 8- to 10-fold increase in the number of unique roamers and the volume of LTE signaling traffic compared to last year. We observed especially high spikes in during the summer “Black Saturdays” – the weekends marking the highest travel periods in Europe.

That summer period is treated like a high profile event, similar to a regional or worldwide sport events during which surges in demand for voice and data roaming can impact the network. That’s what inspired us to create a special team with local support for event management to specifically forecast, plan and ensure high quality connectivity throughout our platforms and the network.

In order to help mobile operators address the challenges of peak traffic periods, the team will work first on a capacity and utilization audit, review critical destinations and then jointly develop a strategic plan to ensure the best network reliability and quality of experience for your subscribers and also for new users on your network.

This approach is fundamental to avoid network congestion, fast QoE deterioration and the resulting decline in revenues and brand image.

A list of major events is currently in development both regionally and worldwide, including European Football Championship and 2016 Olympic Games. If you’d like to know more please contact the team through:



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