The Need for an Open and Neutral Global VoLTE Roaming Ecosystem


In the past few months, VoLTE roaming activity level have surged mainly due to operators that rely on 4G for voice roaming and can’t do voice roaming on 3G, like CDMA operators and 4G only greenfield operators. Moving to an all-IP 4G infrastructure is a very challenging process. Learning from field experiences and sharing knowledge is essential to avoid mistakes and ensure a smooth migration.

During the most recent GSMA WAS#7 in Dubai, iBASIS hosted the first VoLTE Roaming Greenfield Round Table, which focused on facilitating and encouraging an open and neutral knowledge sharing discussion on VoLTE.

During this session many topics around the implementation and commercialization of VoLTE arose including:S8HR architecture becoming the preferred roaming model; quality, lawful intercept; and handset interoperability. It also became clear that VoLTE provides interesting opportunities for MNOs on inbound roaming and for 2018, with many participants expressing their ambition to implement multiple VoLTE roaming partners.

Although  the value of the benefits that come along with VoLTE, like low latency, HD quality and consequently improved user experience, are recognized,  the need to work on appropriate methods and models is now critical to accelerate revenue opportunities more quickly and make sure to monetize VoLTE investments. That’s also where a multi-service IPX network like the one iBASIS deployed can help facilitate and accelerate commercialization.

iBASIS is playing a very active part in International VoLTE roll out and in facilitating an open and neutral discussion that will accelerate worldwide VoLTE deployment. Through our latest IPX network implementation and VoLTE deployments, iBASIS is committed to ensuring that any VoLTE roll-out scenario is fully enabled, be it interworking or roaming with both architectures LBO and S8HR.

If you are interested in knowing more about the VoLTE Roaming Greenfield initiative hosted by iBASIS and KPN and would like to share your own experience with other members please email me at