Protect your business with FraudAlert. Minimize risk and protect revenues with near real-time alerts and an intuitive, customizable system
  • Fast: Receive alerts near real time rather than periodically
  • Precise: Cutting edge algorithms analyze CDRs and quickly send alerts when fraud is suspected
  • Easy: Increased visibility and speed to proactively respond to suspicious traffic with an easy-to-use system
  • Cost-Effective: Minimize risk, without any CAPEX investments. No installation needed on customer side

Protect Your Business and Your Customers

With the telecom industry facing a $46.3 billion annual loss due to fraud you cannot afford not to protect against fraud. FraudAlert analyses all your CDR’s with cutting edge algorithms to detect any suspicious traffic.

Protect your business from fraudulent traffic streams with FraudAlert.

Advantages for Operators

  • Proven technology -The solution has helped save over $10,000 a month for operators with 10 Million subscribers without any upfront CAPEX investment or implementation time for the customer
  • Turn-key cloud service – FraudAlert is accessible via iBasis Customer Portal providing Fraud alerts, Threshold setting and Customer rules
  • Early detection – Possible alerts are generated near real time
  • Sophisticated algorithms – Our sophisticated algorithms save you time. The algorithms combine many rules that look at A-nr, B-nr to detect suspicious traffic patterns. It does not require any additional customer setup
  • Notifications – Alerts can be received by e-mail and\or SMS with the option to set different severity degrees and thresholds to tailor the alerts to your needs