For the Fourth Time in a Row iBASIS’ IPX Ranked Tier 1 by MNOs – and this Time as #1

Over the summer, ROCCO surveyed MNOs to review how IPX networks perform over the year.

The results of the survey data, collected from 141 participating MNOs in 102 countries, was just released in their IPX Network Vendor Benchmarking Report 2020.

This report provides valuable insights into performance, based on customer requirements and the latest IPX evolution over 2020.

The exceptional performance ratings given by MNOs are a clear indication and confirmation of the ability of iBASIS to meet customers’ top requirements:

  • Quality of Service
  • Network Coverage
  • Security of the IPX Network
  • Readiness for 5G

The iBASIS IPX network has been awarded the highest overall vendor rating score, with a continuous growth in overall performance score since 2015, and a Tier 1 rating since 2017.

This overall score is the result of the averaged score of multiple categories.

iBASIS most valued attributes according to its customers are:

  • “Performance” – reliability, reputation, customer service
  • “Performance+” – LTE reach, connectivity options, 5G readiness
  • “Leadership” – Trusted, local expertise, easy to work with

According to the MNOs, iBASIS’ solution portfolio outperforms the competition when it comes to VAS offering and data analytics. VoLTE and 5G readiness have been also highly rated by our customers.

We are very pleased to continue to be seen as a trusted partner, given the challenges ahead in terms of 5G, Security, cost and quality.

We are committed to  be the leader in advanced solutions, services, support, and technologies to cope with the transformation to a new digital interconnect future.

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