The New iBASIS Prioritizes Anti-Fraud, Risk Management, and Business Assurance as Core Strengths Across its Portfolio

Security from iBASISiBASIS, the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide, completed the implementation of a series of key initiatives to optimize anti-fraud, risk management, and business assurance across its entire portfolio.

Since its acquisition by Tofane Global, iBASIS has expanded anti-fraud measures and solutions by investing in a robust ecosystem of technologies, applications and partnerships. Within six months ago, iBASIS has enabled standards and features:

  • Detect, Block or Kill (DBK) — FraudAlert, the iBASIS central engine, embeds upgraded advanced technology that analyzes call data in real-time for much faster fraud detection, automated blocking and disconnection of live calls.
  • Prevent, Monitor and Analyze (PMA) — iBASIS incorporates iConectiv’s numbering data intelligence into a customer’s call flow across iBASIS’ network, invalidating calls to high-risk unassigned and IPRN ranges before they connect. A set of tools dedicated to monitor and analyze the scenarios learns and retro feedbacks the detection and blocking core engine.
  • A Fully Automated Solution — No capex or resources are required on the customer side to integrate the solution.

Several key post-acquisition hires are driving the elevation of business assurance across the company’s solutions.

Bruno Coindre, appointed as Vice President, Messaging Solutions, brings entrepreneurial expertise gained in ventures, including Mobile 365 acquired by Sybase in 2006 and by SAP in 2010. Coindre spearheaded new capabilities and set the strategic path to enhance the messaging solutions portfolio for the company worldwide.

Former head of technology and solutions for fraud and revenue assurance at Orange Group, Malick Aissi was appointed Vice President of Business Assurance and Risk Management Services to develop iBASIS’ anti-fraud and risk management strategy and product portfolio, and develop processes, systems, policies and best practices across the group.

“Our goal is to become the foremost trusted partner in Business Assurance across our portfolio,” says Coindre. “We are leveraging a robust ecosystem of technologies, applications and partnerships, including key partnerships with critical and pure players willing to address all types of telecom fraud and unconventional telecom resources usage, particularly those related to mobile messaging delivery layers, coming with their security and privacy threats. Beyond the business at stake, our vision is to address the growing concerns on MNOs liability, when increasing number of unsolicited and malicious services use unconventional way and fraud to reach millions of subscribers.”

“We believe that in the anti-fraud and security domains, the three most important variables are complexity, velocity and impact,” adds Aissi. “To address these factors, we are investing in powerful capabilities to elevate our customers’ experience of trust, accelerating our Time To Detect (TTD) and Time To Block (TTB) of complex fraud scenarios.”

Finally, iBASIS is strengthening its engagement with leading industry groups dedicated to fighting fraud. iBASIS is an anchor member in the joint initiative of the ITW Global Leaders Forum (GLF) and i3Forum, committed to implementing the I3F Code of Conduct (CoC). Recently, the GLF endorsed four KPIs identified by the i3Forum for international carriers to adopt a standardized approach to the measurement of fraud on their networks. The measure will enable collective reporting on the impacts of their anti-fraud activities and is a powerful step forward in fighting fraud on a global scale.


iBASIS is the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide to perform and transform.

Powered by Tofane Global, the new iBASIS is the first independent communications specialist, ranking third largest global wholesale voice operator and Top 3 LTE IPX vendor with 660+ LTE destinations. With the integration of Tofane’s acquisition of the Altice Europe N.V. international voice carrier business in France, Portugal, and the Dominican Republic, iBASIS today serves 1,000+ customers across 18 offices worldwide.