How SS7 Analytics Can Optimize Your Business Profitability

SMS Fraud is estimated to cost the messaging industry $7.7 billion annually in lost revenue*. Multiple initiatives are being taken to protect consumers and the industry’s revenues.  iBasis takes the SMS fraud problem seriously  and  has developed an innovative, cost effective method to identify SMS fraud, ensuring you can protect your customers and your revenue.

Our approach relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to develop advanced software that can immediately impact your business. Artificial Intelligence provides a  powerful advantage in combatting fraud  enabling you to proactively protect against fraud  rather than having to wait to be impacted by SMS fraud and it also eliminates the need to investment in large deployment projects.

We recently enhanced InVision, our powerful analytical software suite, to continuously meet high level of security that the SS7 environment requires. Our latest SS7 analytics developments include:

  • Fraud issues classification based on real time importance
  • Network operation department support to focus on the most important ongoing problem.
  • Instant SMS fraud Identification, at no additional cost, as part of the advanced SS7 analytics capabilities!

InVision SMS fraud discovery and alarming, complying with IR71 and IR82, deployed on top of our SS7 service, enables you to rapidly reduce the reduction in the amount of revenue that is eroded by sophisticated SMS schemes at no extra cost.

InVision is a turn-key solution that does not require any CAPEX investment or support costs.  And there are no limitations on scale.

With InVision SS7 you will be immediately alerted about possible fraud cases and will be able to quickly access the phone numbers, IMSI’s and network equipment used to commit fraud enabling you to instantly take actions to stop any fraud activity to protect and improve your business’ profitability.

Contacts us to discuss with us what we can do to support you in protecting your revenues.

*Capacity Media, June 2018

Building our extensive LTE footprint

With 2018 in full swing, Reach, VoLTE and Analytics remains central to the expansion of the iBasis LTE footprint.  We continue to partner with customers to build and grow and now have more than 530 LTE destinations, with 1.3 billion subscribers covered by our direct routes. Our LTE Roaming solution provides a very high level of quality, scalability as well as a secure and profitable path to new IP based services such as voice over LTE and IoT.  These services are fortified by the unique business analytics of InVision.

Our fast and successful track record has led iBasis to become top 3.  As a top provider we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are prepared and in the best position to face the upcoming challenges in the international market and to benefit from the next wave of innovation.

Enhanced Performance and SS7 Interface to iBasis Award-Winning Analytics Tool InVision

Enhanced InVision Performance Leveraging State of Art Tier 1 Data Center

iBasis has recently completed a major upgrade to our InVision infrastructure, moving to a top tier facility with state of the art security.  The new infrastructure is optimally designed to enhance data analysis and delivery capabilities.  Critical services such as proactive quality monitoring and business intelligence will benefit from increased speed, redundancy, and security.

The modern Tier 1 facility is also designed to sustain our exponential growth in mobile and IoT/M2M.

InVision SS7 Module Accessible via Same Interface as GRX/S8

iBasis has begun development of our SS7 InVision tooling to provide InVison subscribers the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) as the existing InVision GRX/S8 tool. The GUI has been designed to provide real-time visibility of your traffic performances.

Once theSS7 tooling is complete, the existing Diameter modules will be integrated in the same GUI.. With this integration you will have consolidated access to all of the different traffic types of traffic and can easily select any traffic pattern you would like to review.

We will continue to provide regular InVision updates via our email tips.  If you have not subscribed to receive InVision tip updates please email today.

InVision Analytics Tool
InVision SS7 Module