Service Management – How Dedicated Analysis & Management Support Work

By working very closely with our customers, we have observed the real challenge of keeping up with high consumer demand, especially during high peak traffic periods, while expanding LTE roaming footprint globally. That’s why we put in place a service management team, very knowledgeable about analytics but also about our customers’ roaming business, operational requirements and business objectives.

The iBasis service management team can help you:

  • Identify the root cause of problems faster;
  • Act proactively to prevent failures impacting roaming business;
  • Optimize capacity planning during peak period; and
  • Prioritize and accelerate its LTE Roaming reach.

Preventing Outages Thanks to Enhanced Visibility of Potential Network Errors

iBasis service management provides analysis and identification of failure cases, including routing and configuration errors and asymmetric traffic, which mobile customers may encounter while roaming in the visited network. The iBasis Service Management team immediately corrects the failures by developing real time alerts, running analytics reports and reaching out to the Mobile Operators and Peering partners in order to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Our advanced InVision tooling capabilities also provide in-depth visibility into service performance, direct linkage to customer view and subscriber abilities to seamlessly utilize roaming services. The proactive identification of the incident enables quicker identification and resolution, resulting in enhanced responsiveness to network disturbances, both within and outside the iBasis domain.

Improving Capacity Planning

The rapid rise of data traffic is putting mobile networks under strain, especially during peak periods. It is critically important to increase network capacity, to avoid congestion and any kind of bottleneck. However, capacity increases should be the result of strategic and detailed planning to gain the maximum value from the network over the year.

The iBasis service management team advises on the best capacity increase options based on traffic analysis and forecast. The team is working very closely along with iBasis event management planning to devise the best plan and increase the capacity of their IP transmission in order to avoid future congestion problems.

Opening New Destinations for New Roaming Revenues

Other challenges for mobile operators include effectively managing scarce operational resources without jeopardizing roaming revenues. In fact, if managed appropriately among various departments, some challenges, such as prioritizing new LTE destinations, can reveal new revenue opportunities.

Using the iBasis InVision analytics platform, the iBasis service management team analyzes specific country view details, including where multiple users are trying to roam but can’t and experience all the transactions failing. Based on transaction failures, the service management team will make recommendations and prioritize where to open new LTE destinations to get immediate incremental revenues.

But they won’t stop there. Thanks to iBasis’ existing relationships within the worldwide mobile roaming community, the iBasis roaming and regional teams are able to coordinate between multiple mobile operators in order to facilitate completion of new agreements between mobile operators and consequently accelerate the opening of LTE destinations.    

Tangible Results from Service Management

You can benefit from a dedicated operational interface who knows you, has access to all network history and can immediately direct you to any network errors to solve issues and help drive revenues.

Talk to your account manager now to know more how Service Management can help you.


Is Customer Experience Management Your Top Priority (Like 68% of Operators?)

Customer experience management is emphatically the top priority for operators, with 68% of participants citing it as their number one strategic priority, and 82% viewing it among their top-three priorities over the next three years.

“Customer experience management has become the center of gravity for all strategic decision-making.”    (Ernst & Young, Global Telecommunications Study: Navigating the Road to 2020)

Ernst & Young also concluded that the desire to put customers front and center in everything they do is also driving operators to focus on agility, efficiency and network quality. Network quality remains a vital differentiator for most operators.


The complexity of managing traffic volumes and reach
As mobile traffic volumes and footprint grow, MNOs require enhanced service quality and commitment from their international partners.  It has become critical (or essential) to track and proactively monitor traffic performance and deliver optimized quality of experience (or quality of service?).

Based on the global market changes, including “roam like home” regulations and new requirements from our customers, we have expanded our service management practices in order to help you gain incremental value.

Delivering a customized service management portfolio
Customer experience management is at the heart of our interaction with our customers and drives much of our technology development and innovation. We optimize our operations and processes so we can quickly and effectively address our customers’ changing requirements. .

iBasis’ service management portfolio includes a broad range of technical, operational and commercial services to support your roaming business. A customized service management plan is designed for each customer, with flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.

Service Management provides the operational interface for:

  • Technical assistance + escalation support
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Proactive identification of service disturbances and resolution of events
  • Launch planning; commercial support in opening roaming destinations
  • Operational cooperation between multiple entities

Any abnormal findings, irregular behavior or capacity issues need immediate attention to prevent outages or degradation of service. Therefore, we provide our customers with a single, integrated point of contact for escalations, network quality monitoring, performance management, reporting and analytics.

iBasis service management can adapt to differing market and operator type to ensure maximum return on investment and optimized monetization of roaming services, while also minimizing impact of service interruptions.

Please contact your Account Manager who will work closely with you to create a customized service management plan for your roaming business.



Surviving Summer Roaming Traffic Jams

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During the summer, iBasis experienced 8 to 10 fold increase in the number of unique roamers and of LTE signaling traffic compared to last year especially we observed tremendous spikes in roaming traffic during the summer “Black Saturdays” – the weekends marking the highest travel periods in Europe.

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